Montcom Group Ltd.

  • Data Processing
  • Property Management and Administration



Founded in 1978, Montcom was originally called The Montreal Computer Group. During the 1970's computer hardware was expensive, software difficult to come by, and computers required dedicated system operators. Montcom setup a service bureau to offer the advantages of Data Processing to small companies for as little as $100/month.


Delegating data-processing

Today, while hardware is cheap, software is plentiful, and almost anyone can run the computer, some companies prefer to "delegate" the data-processing function, to a reliable organization of experts, who handle the job for a reasonably low fee. This makes sense, when existing employees are busy with other things and the company does not want to hire someone else for this function.


Montcom Expertise

Also, while many people can "do the job", some companies, prefer the expertise, that Montcom brings to bear. We handle backup and restore, job logging, audit trail, file recovery, and many other functions that could potentially be problematic and/or expensive to fix, if they came up in an "in-house" PC situation, where there were no technical people on staff, and an outside programmer was required to fix the problem.



Montcom is paid to do the job each period (day, week, month or year). The support is there, period after period.

Management can focus on other things. This becomes one less important task to manage. Delegate it to us, and you can count on good results.



Property Management and Administration

We can help in the administration of apartments in the Montreal Area.

  • Bookkeeping and cost accounting
  • Releve-4's
  • Rent Increase Letters
  • Real-Estate Forms
  • Rent-Increase calculations
  • Budgets
  • Rent Control and Balancing
  • General Ledger and Financial Reporting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Rental Board Preparation and Hearings

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